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Laurichem is a one-of-a-kind solution provider for your product formulation needs.

Our specialty is to provide innovative ingredients and custom solutions to keep you ahead of global market trends.

We provide individual attention, strong technical teams, expertise and experience to solve your unique formulation challenges.




Our Solutions



Innovative Technology


Innovative, adaptable, eco-conscious

Laurichem gives you the latest technology, providing formulators with specialty ingredients that will lead their field for tomorrow's specialized markets for cosmetic, personal care products, and household and industrial markets.

We provide well-tested ingredients to create stable formulations with sensuous aesthetics and efficient delivery.

We are dedicated to bringing environmentally friendly, sustainable, and natural ingredients.


Customized Solutions

Concept to Product

Laurichem's specialty is connecting your concepts and translating them into new products. We act as a connection between the product and the ingredients, as well as a communicator between you and our partners.

Whether creating a cream to prevent aging or a new hair technology, we bring a highly personalized approach to every project. This results in a product like no other with a combination of ingredients uniquely yours.

We start by asking questions and listening carefully to your answers. Then we put our creative talent to work for you drawing on our ingredient suppliers from around the world. We provide personalized service from initial concept through final execution.


Commitment to Service

Customer centric, relationship focused

Laura Moehlman of Laurichem is a solutions provider who takes ownership of her ingredients that she represents. When you hire Laurichem, you hire the founder with her 25+ years of experience. Laura's expertise will guide you from initial concept to marketing of finished product.

We make sure we are responsive to your needs and provide personalized attention to each and every client, both big and small. We take pride in our reputation built on trust and integrity since our founding in 1994.


Our Products



Cosmetic & Personal Care

Laurichem's specialty is to provide custom solutions to keep you ahead of global market trends. Our partners deliver innovative ingredients and emerging technologies for the face, body, hair and scalp. Their products range from moisturizers and surfactants to the very latest in anti-aging technology.

We provide sources of natural additives and bioactives backed by many years of biodiversity study. We have a diverse line including marine actives from Brittany, France, system formers and actives from Japan, as well as botanicals collected from the Brazilian Rain Forest. Our ingredients are natural, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.

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We provide specialty ingredients which bring essential nutrients to the skin and hair. Our conceptual ingredients are tested in-vivo and in-vitro. Laurichem’s exclusive sales partners have offices in Asia, Europe, South America, and the United States.

Laurichem can provide a wide variety of antioxidants as well as novel methods for anti-aging. Moisturization can be aided at multiple levels. We can also contribute sebum control to your formulations. For hair, we enhance volume and shine, protect from the sun and everyday stresses, reduce frizz, and deliver sensual aesthetics.

Laurichem represents unique producers of specialty ingredients and has the flexibility to make variations of products to suit customer specifications. Included in the product line are a wide range of special esters and oils, emulsifiers, solubilizers, dispersing agents, foaming agents, detergents, conditioners, emulsifying waxes, pearls, and unique system formers. We seek to increase formulation versatility while enhancing aesthetics in skin, hair and color cosmetic products.

Additionally, we offer a repertoire of castor polyesters and silicones, mineral and powder additives, surface treated powders, and silanes. Our creative products scatter light, hide small discolorations, and optically make pores seem smaller. We bring products that make the skin feel soft, eliminate shine, and give a subtle glow. We work to maximize play time and payoff of cosmetics.

The specialty natural beads and wax additives include a full range of non-irritating exfoliating scrubs. We offer a wide selection of particle sizes that allow the formulator flexibility to control the degree of abrasiveness and scrubbing action that is desired. We also provide colored beads and powders for unique visual effects, and warming agents to boost microcirculation of skin.

Laurichem allows you access to the latest technology, providing formulators with ingredients that will lead their field for tomorrow's specialized markets for cosmetic and personal care products.


Household, Institutional, Industrial

Laurichem represents producers with the flexibility to make variations of their products to suit your specifications. We seek to increase formulation versatility for both high temperature and low energy applications, with surfactants and silanes that exhibit excellent wetting, provide very low foam surfactants with good detergency and sheeting actions.

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Included in our product line are a wide range of specialty esters, surfactants, silanes, self-emulsifying waxes, peg-free high performance thickeners, and anhydrous thickeners.

We also tailor surface chemistry to provide modified behavior to expand your formulation latitude. Our chemistry has demonstrated exceptional performance of materials to improve hydrophobicity, wettability, contract angle, adhesion, cleansing, dispersion, and rheological control. Incorporation of our specialty materials offers enhanced compatibility and performance.


About Us



Laura Moehlman is the president of Laurichem. She has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing of specialty ingredients. Laura prides herself on helping her customers connect concepts and translating them into new products. Laura has helped develop a wide range of new products for cosmetic and cleaning products for a number of companies across the Midwestern United States.

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